Social Media Followers Don't Matter

In today's internet age, your number of social media followers can determine how others interpret or perceive you or your business. Therefor, one would assume that in order to be perceived as successful, then you need to have as many followers as possible. However there lies a difference in the types of followers that exist.

1. THE FAKE FOLLOWERS. It's sometimes hard to spot these kind. They have real profile images, an actual bio, and even posts on their timelines. But if you look closer, these are profile "bots" that third party developers have created to sell to people so they can grow their followers count. In the past year, Instagram and Twitter have both began to crack down on these types of accounts, exposing a lot of people and brands of their fraudulent following.

Paying for profile bots to follow you does nothing good for your business or brand. Those bots cannot ever turn into a customer, nor can they influence another person to buy your product or service. And once social media sites fully crackdown on the rest of them you don't want to be a part of those ashamed to have been caught up in the followers hype.

What type of followers does your business have?

2. THE GHOST FOLLOWERS. These are people that are just a part of your count. They do not engage with your posts, do not visit your store, and do not purchase anything from you. Think of them as window shoppers. However, there's nothing wrong with having window shoppers as followers.

There's always a chance you can get them to convert into an actual customer. There is some level of interest with your business in them. As long as you continue to post good content, there will be a possibility to connect with them.

3. THE LOYAL FOLLOWERS. You should cherish these people. These are the ones that actually engage with your posts, share your content with others, visit your website or store, purchase from you, and come back for more. These followers are the ones that matter.

The number of loyal followers to your social media pages may not be a large number. And that's okay. The important thing to realize is that these are actually real customers, fans, and supporters of your business. Retaining these people as such should be a part of your marketing focus. You should try to give them some of the attention they give to you in return. Little things like a reply to their comment, or liking one of their photos at your business is an easy way to show your appreciation for them as a follower AND customer.